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Open Data/Open Minds


Editor Comments:  “I’m blown away by the creativity and potential impact of this project from NEXMAP.  It provides an exciting framework and tools to facilitate data and scientific literacy by supporting citizen driven investigations of and story telling about the issues that matter to a local community.” – Robin Champieux

First of all, welcome! And thanks so much for stopping by our project!! Open Data/Open Minds (ODOM) is a program that supports people to tell local environmental and community stories through data investigations, science notebooking and civic engagement. And we are hoping you can help!

Problem Statement:

How might we use paper, low-cost hardware, and the web to: 1) serve and display ambient live data and 2) support learning about science and data through curated and personal data collection?

What are we doing?

Open Data/Open Minds (ODOM) supports communities to tell the stories of their local environmental and civic concerns using science journaling, crafted visualization, and data investigation…

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