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The Practice of Reproducible Research


Editor Comments:  “This is a useful resource that includes many examples of reproducible studies and research, focusing on data-intensive sciences. It is filled with great advice and tips—especially the appendix, don’t miss it! The collection will be released as a book in 2018.” — Jessica Minnier

This is the open, online version of the book The Practice of Reproducible Research, to be published in print form by the University of California Press in 2018.

This book contains a collection of 31 case studies of reproducible research workflows, written by academic researchers in the data-intensive sciences. Each case study describes how the author combined specific tools, ideas, and practices in order to complete a real-world research project. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of how the author organized his or her research to make it as reproducible as possible.

The Introduction and Part I of the book present general information about working reproducibly and synthesizes common themes from across the case studies. This summary section can be read as a stand alone introduction for beginners wishing to learn more about the general practices of reproducible research. Parts II and III of the book contain the 31 case study chapters themselves…

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