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(Re)usable Data Project


Editor Comments:  “This project, which I contribute to, aims to evaluate the reusability of biomedical data sources by evaluating their licensing.  Our approach was to translate frictionless licensing characteristics, as represented in frameworks like FAIR data, into a quantifiable rubric.” – Robin Champieux

Inspired by the efforts of scientists around the world and the game-changing efforts of projects like the Creative Commons, the Wikipedia Foundation, and the Free Software movement, we hope to engage the larger community in an open and fruitful discussion on issues concerning the use and reuse of scientific data, including the balance of openness and how to make ends meet in an increasingly competitive environment.

If you would like to join our efforts to highlight the use and reuse of data in the sciences, please feel free to contact us on our tracker, create a pull request against our repository, or join our forum…

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