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rOpenSci Interview with Jenny Bryan


Editor comments: “This is just an awesome and inspiring interview of one of the current leaders of data science and open research. I think anyone who thinks about data science problems or even just work life balance could learn something from Dr. Bryan and her work.” — Jessica Minnier


In this occasional series, we interview someone using a loosely defined set of interview questions for the purpose of demystifying the creative and development processes of R community members. This interview was conducted and prepared by Kelly O’Briant as part of an rOpenSci unconf17 project.

Jenny Bryan @JennyBryan is a Software Engineer at RStudio and is on leave from being an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. Jenny serves in leadership positions with rOpenSci and Forwards and as an Ordinary member of The R Foundation.


Source: rOpenSci | .rprofile: Jenny Bryan