About Radian

Radian is a collaborative space for discovering, reusing, and remixing content related to data management, data visualization, data science, and data for the public good.

Using the PressForward Plugin, community editors will aggregate, curate, and discuss curriculum materials, research, best practices, and current events related to these themes. Radian will illuminate the data landscape by facilitating discovery and community building for researchers, librarians, data scientists, students, policy makers, publishers, and activists as they work to harness the power of open data.

The Radian community will be open and inclusive, with a diversity of voices reflected in the content we highlight. This vision will be realized through a global community of Editors-at-Large representing different perspectives, interests, and expertise, and the diverse venues of content we aggregate.

Radian Team

Sara Mannheimer


Robin Champieux


Ryer Banta

Community Manager

Danielle Robinson

Community Manager

Scott W. H. Young

Web & UX Designer

Community Editors


Letisha Wyatt
Heather Coates
Jessica Minnier
Ted Laderas
Vicky Steeves
Ricardo Hartley Belmar
Gaurav Godhwani
Catherine McGoveran

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