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Research Data Management Services in Academic Libraries in the US: A Content Analysis of Libraries’ Websites | Yoon | College & Research Libraries

Editorial Comments: “Yoon and Schultz’s analysis of Library data services webpages provides a data-informed understanding of how libraries are talking about data services. I recently redesigned the Library Data Services webpage at my institution, and I did an informal review of other library data services websites, but this systematic analysis provides even more insight. I’ll […]

Teaching data science fundamentals through realistic synthetic clinical cardiovascular data | bioRxiv

Editorial Comments: “This is a paper that my colleagues and I have been working on to teach issues with using clinical data in data science. We built a realistic synthetic dataset and coursework to help students understand issues in predicting cardiovascular risk. The dataset and course material is freely available through my GitHub here:” […]

Data Analysis and Engagement – Does Caring About the Analysis Matter? · Simply Statistics

Editorial Comments: “This is a good discussion about the value of analysis that incorporates knowledge and care about the analysis. I find that my best collaborations are when my collaborator can communicate the importance of their problem and why what I do matters.” —Ted Laderas   Sometimes, when you’re recording a podcast, it’s actually difficult […]

Expert tour guide on Data Management – CESSDA ERIC

Editor Comments: “This tour guide covers all of the basics of data management from a social science perspective, in a way that is easy to navigate, clear, and succinct. I plan to share this resource with social science researchers at my institution.” —Sara Mannheimer Target audience and mission This tour guide was written for social […]

(Re)usable Data Project

Editor Comments:  “This project, which I contribute to, aims to evaluate the reusability of biomedical data sources by evaluating their licensing.  Our approach was to translate frictionless licensing characteristics, as represented in frameworks like FAIR data, into a quantifiable rubric.” – Robin Champieux Inspired by the efforts of scientists around the world and the game-changing […]

The Data Ethics Canvas

Editor Comments:  “In the academic setting, we’re seeing an increasing interest in and awareness of the importance of research data management (RDM) and data security. This resource from the Open Data Institute provides a handy visual for helping any user of data think critically about the resources they’re using and what their responsibilities and obligations […]

Managing Research Data in Your Institution

Editor Comments:  “I love the simplicity of this guide to institutional research data management services.” —Sara Mannheimer Research data management is important for institutions as well as researchers. Funders ask that data underpinning publications, or any data with long term value, is made available. This is crucial for both verification and to maintain the integrity […]

How Copyright Law Can Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Implicit Bias Problem

Editor Comments:  “New technologies present new opportunities for bias and ethical uncertainties. This article suggests that existing copyright laws can actually help mitigate bias in Artificial Intelligence systems.” — Sara Mannheimer As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to spread, we have seen an increase in examples of AI systems reflecting or exacerbating societal bias, […]