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Research Data Management Services in Academic Libraries in the US: A Content Analysis of Libraries’ Websites | Yoon | College & Research Libraries

Editorial Comments: “Yoon and Schultz’s analysis of Library data services webpages provides a data-informed understanding of how libraries are talking about data services. I recently redesigned the Library Data Services webpage at my institution, and I did an informal review of other library data services websites, but this systematic analysis provides even more insight. I’ll […]

Teaching data science fundamentals through realistic synthetic clinical cardiovascular data | bioRxiv

Editorial Comments: “This is a paper that my colleagues and I have been working on to teach issues with using clinical data in data science. We built a realistic synthetic dataset and coursework to help students understand issues in predicting cardiovascular risk. The dataset and course material is freely available through my GitHub here:” […]

Expert tour guide on Data Management – CESSDA ERIC

Editor Comments: “This tour guide covers all of the basics of data management from a social science perspective, in a way that is easy to navigate, clear, and succinct. I plan to share this resource with social science researchers at my institution.” —Sara Mannheimer Target audience and mission This tour guide was written for social […]

Bridging the Data Divide One Resource at a Time

Editor Comments:  “If you are looking to offer community data training events, this article gathers many resources like training materials and lessons that are made to be re-purposed. When I was organizing some introductory lessons for student groups in my library I found some particularly useful materials in the catalog of training materials. These materials […]